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The CoBRA® method provides software decision-makers with comprehensive support for communicating and negotiating software development costs. It supports managing potential risks and improving organizational processes, while requiring minimal management overhead. Moreover, CoBRA® has been successfully applied in multiple software organizations on four continents. Results have been presented at the most prominent software engineering conferences.

CoBRA® provides accurate and precise estimates Average estimation error obtained in industrial applications: 5%-20%.

Typical estimation error in the software industry nowadays ranges from 50%-100%.
Comprehensive support for project management Planning & tracking

Risk management

Productivity baselining and benchmarking
CoBRA® can be adapted/customized efficiently Relies on whatever information (expertise, measurement data) is available in the context of a specific organization

Aligns the output model implemented within a CoBRIX tool exactly to specific business objectives
Organizational learning and process improvement Systematically elicits and documents tacit knowledge existing in your organization

Can be used to systematically build and improve your goal-oriented measurement processes

Identifies potential process improvement areas
Reduction of planning and management overhead CoBRA® does not require much measurement data

CoBRA® utilizes whatever measurement data are already available in your organization

CoBRA® does not require extensive involvement of project personnel

Once built, the CoBRA® model may be reused across numerous projects

The model may also be easily reused (partially or entirely) in different contexts
CoBRA® is supported by a free CoBRIX software tool Provides intuitive interface

Applicable on multiple platforms (use of Java technology)