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Success Case: sd&m AG


The sd&m AG (software design & management), which is a large provider of customized software solutions, aimed for improvement of its software project and risk management capabilities. Unfortunately, the company did not have enough project data to apply quantitative methods. Based on size and effort estimated from the most recent 10 project and on experts' knowledge, a CoBRA® model was developed.


Costs of introducing CoBRA® and model building

Involved personnel: 2 external CoBRA® consultants, 11 software team members, 1 coordinator
Duration: around 8 months
Effort per involved team member: around 16 person-hours
Total effort: around 3 person-months.

L. Briand, K. El Emam, F. Bomarius
CoBRA®: a hybrid method for software cost estimation, benchmarking, and risk assessment

Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Software Engineering, Kyoto, Japan, pp.390-399, 1998.