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Success Case: Oki Co., Ltd.


The Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., which is also a large provider of financial software solutions, required a robust basis for project planning, risk management, and process improvement. The company had collected measurement data on 15 already completed projects. The current estimation approach was, however, largely based on expert judgment.


Costs of introducing CoBRA® and model building

Involved personnel: 2 external CoBRA® consultants, 12 software team members, 1 coordinator
Duration: around 4 months
Effort per involved team member: around 26 person-hours (including CoBRA® tutorial, group meetings and interviews)
Total effort: around 3.5 person-months

A. Trendowicz, J. Heidrich, J. Münch, Y. Ishigai, K. Yokoyama, and N. Kikuchi
Development of a Hybrid Cost Estimation Model in an Iterative Manner

Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Software Engineering, Shanghai, China, pp. 331-340, 2006