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CoBRA® Method

Markets demand software products with ever more functionality, higher reliability, and higher performance. Your customers require high-quality software products delivered on time and within budget. You need a reliable basis for negotiating the development costs of outsourced software. You need a way to manage the productivity of your development and improve your processes.

At Fraunhofer IESE, we have developed an innovative technology to assist you with meeting your business objectives such as project planning, risk management benchmarking, and process improvement.
The CoBRA® (Cost estimation, Benchmarking, and Risk Assessment) method and tool support are designed to be tailored to your specific needs and capabilities. It can, be, for instance, be used even in common situations where there is little quantitative data.

CoBRA® formalizes subjective, expert-based estimations, and combines them with data analysis and simulation techniques. At the heart of the CoBRA® method is the development of a customized causal model capturing the most relevant factors that have an impact on development productivity and cost within your domain or organization. The causal model explicitly represents interactions among various factors influencing software cost. The causal model is then quantified using a systematic knowledge acquisition procedure, which captures the uncertainty of subjective information provided by experienced project managers. Augmented by advanced data analysis and simulation techniques, CoBRA® supports project managers in building robust models and explicitly modeling any remaining uncertainty.

Learn more in our example application, which addresses a typical problem!